A Fall Wedding – The Ceremony

It’s been almost 6 months since our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding. We are still recovering. It was a great night… what I remember of it (thank goodness for the video!!)… and we are most grateful for our dear friends and relatives who pitched in and helped with the wedding reception set up and break down!

The late afternoon wedding began with a classical harpist playing as guests were seated. Music played a big part in the wedding with the church organist playing music selected by Jordan, tenor Kenrick Johnson singing ‘Oh Perfect Love’ and, best of all, the recessional by a local gospel choir singing a rousing rendition of ‘Oh Happy Day’!!

Customized programs with hand embossed decoration.

Bride escorted by her Poppa

Our priest gave a very personal homily directed to the bride and groom prior to communion. I was quite touched by the ceremony uniting these two young people, and tried very hard to remember to live in the moment! Really happy that the video has finally arrived to help me do just that! :)

The new Mr. and Mrs. Bell

Next…. The Reception!


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