Engagement Excitement

One year ago today was the night that our daughter was ‘officially’ engaged! A long anticipated moment, it was sweet, personal and very much ‘staged’ the same way that my husband and I were engaged: no fanfare, no fireworks, no videographer. Just as Mike had done years before, Davis popped the question and presented her with a beautiful ring while sitting in the car in the driveway! It might have been a bit different, a bit more elaborate, but Jordan was anxious to meet friends for dinner and was a bit put out with the delays (including Davis ‘formally’ asking Jordan’s dad for his blessing… in the garage because it was the only place they could speak without her tagging along!) Needless to say, she forgot all about being in a rush when she found out what was going on!

A fall wedding was planned and we all became caught in the swirl that was known simply in our house as THE WEDDING! Over the next several postings, I will reminisce about our process and add the do’s and DONT’S that brides and their moms should find helpful.

Tonight as I think back on that evening, I am glad that I kept my mouth shut on all of the ideas that I had about what he could do to make it ‘special’… because for them, it WAS special! Of course, if he had ‘asked’ for help, then I would have done whatever he wanted me to do to create something special. However, he didn’t ask, did what was perfect for them and I am thankful that I didn’t act (too) pushy. I did make signs for them to hold reading ‘we’, ‘are’, and ‘engaged’ that I had them hold while I filmed them for ABC’s Good Morning America’s ’3 Words’ segment, which ABC aired (unbeknownst to them…) the following week! Probably should have mentioned that… instead of having one of Davis’ employees tell him about it at work… oops!!


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